Linda Harrell & Ivar Skoglund
1837 South Dixie Hwy.
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060

954-941-8055 Phone/Fax
954-658-2499  Cell - Linda
954-297-7562  Cell - Ivar

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Custom Yacht Canvas

* Bimini Tops
* Carpets
* Covers
* Enclosures

* Miscellaneous
* On-Site Repairs
* T-Tops
* Upholstery

* Sailboats * Sun Shades

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MCA4699 MCA5367 MCA5368 MCA6003 MCA6028 MCA4513 MCA4823 MCA4824 MCA5152 MCA5229 MCA5231 MCA19 MCA32B MCA11 MCA10 MCA12 MCA24 MCA27 MCA38B MCA18 MCA37B MCA1 MCA36B MCA28 MCA26 MCA30 MCA29 MCA5 MCA14 MCA15 MCA17 mca4001 mca4004 mcauhookedup

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MCA4229 MCA5227 MCA5973 MCA5347 MCA5345 MCA9 MCA8 MCA13 MCA6 MCA7 MCA4252 MCA4253

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MCA7140 MCA3678 MCA4546 MCA5185 MCA5389 MCA5391 MCA6122 MCA6126 MCA16B MCA31B MCA3977 MCA3978

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MCA4445 MCA4446 MCA4675 MCA5260 MCA5262 MCA5264 MCA5266 MCA6272

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MCA4452 MCA4571 MCA5268 MCA5269 MCA3706 MCA3708 MCA4417 MCA4422 MCA6244 MCA6251 MCA5233 MCA5460 MCA5461 MCA5463 MCA5664 MCA6318 MCA22 MCA20 MCA23 MCA34 MCA20 MCA43 MCA3 MCA44 cover1 cover2 cover3 MCA33 MCA34

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MCA3550 MCA3553 MCA3554 MCA3631 MCA3630 MCA3634

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MCA5495 MCA5671 MCA5674 MCA5683 MCA6077 MCA6078 MCA6082 MCA6110 MCA3587 MCA4911 MCA5917 MCA2 MCA39 MCA42 MCA4573 MCA5365 MCA13 MCA4 MCA34B MCA35B MCA33B MCA5440

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MCA5882 MCA5884
MCA5398 MCA5399 MCA5577 MCA5575 MCA5590 MCA5591 MCA6280 MCA6281 MCA6282 MCA6868 MCA6869 MCA6870 MCA6872 MCA6873

On-Site Repairs

MCA4659 MCA5203 MCA5205

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